Dinus Robotic Club and Student Association of Electrical Engineering, University of Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) successfully held Dinus Robotic Competition (Dr.Com) Saturday (18/02) in the Auditorium Building E, 3rd floor.

Dr.Com is a speed robot competition. This year, Dr.Com has three categories, namely Line Follower for middle school and high school students, Line Follower for college students and Speed Building for elementary school students. "Today, there are two categories in Line Follower college students and middle/high school students, while the Speed Building category for elementary school students will be held next month," said Satria Yodha Anandika as the committee Dr.Com. Participants put the robots that have previously been assembled in the Line Follower areas, and then the participant presses the start button on the robot after the cue. Participants will gain additional points if the robot completes the track until finish. "This is the third year of Dr.Com and the first year for college student category” said Satria.

Sari Ayu Wulandari S.T., M.Eng as Electrical Engineering lecturer in Udinus said this year participants Dr.Com increased quite a lot. There are 194 teams registering Line Follower competition, 18 teams of Line Follower for college students and 176 of Line Follower for middle/high school students. "Before going into the final round, participants were selected first in 4 regions namely Semarang, Kudus, Pati and Jogja. There are 73 teams that invited to Udinus," said Sari Ayu.

For college student category, Edwin Aditya (UGM) is the 1st Campion, the 2nd Champion is Bagas Suryo (UNY) and the 3rd Champion is Dio Tough Rais (UIN BANDUNG). For middle/high school student category that uses his or her own robots, the 1st Campion is Ayunda (SMK Bantul Health), the 2nd Champion is Rahimal Ula (MAN Demak) and the 3rd Campion is Grae Raka (SMPN 1 Semarang). While, the middle/high school student category with Udinus’ robot, the 1st Campion is Ari Yudha (SMK N 7 Semarang), the 2nd Champion is Gilang Ramadhan (SMK Sacred Graduation Work) and the 3rd Campion is Agus Sucipto (SMK Tunas Harapan Pati). (* PR)

LIFT CUP: The winners expressed his or her delight by lifting the trophy in a DR.Com competition that was held by the Student Association of Electrical Engineering Udinus. Picture: Meyta Adelianah.

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