As one of the Study Program (Prodi) in the Faculty of Computer Science (FIK) Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus), Communication Science (Ilkom) has conducted various activities. One of them is the Creativepreneur Star that was held in Ciputra Mall on Tuesday, April 18th 2017. This event consisted various events such as gathering, talk shows, exhibitions, and various competitions. The Ilkom students of 2014 managed all activities and they got attention of mall visitors. Entering the fourth year, the students of Science Communication Prodi has been increased significantly. This year is the second Creativepreneur Star event.
"This activity becomes a realization of udinus vision, which wants to be the first choice in the field of education and entrepreneur," explained Dr. Abdul Syukur as the Dean of Udinus FIK.
Udinus Ilkom has a lot of industrial partner, so the final year students have been doing internship activities in these companies. Udinus Ilkom has answered the market needs by graduating skilled personnel in the communication field. It is also encouraged to continue open new job that appropriate their own creativity, according to Creativepreneurship event.
"We hope that today's activities shows that Udinus' vision is not just a slogan, but we did good and right education, which is proven by Udinus students who have creativity in entrepreneurship, "added Abdul.
The talk show that invited 30 young entrepreneurs with duration of 5 hours divided into 21 sessions, received an appreciation from the Indonesia-World Achievement Institute (Leprid). This award was for the record-breaking inspiring movement through the longest-duration creativepreneur talk show and the most resources.  It is given to Prof. Dr. Ir Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom as Udinus Rector, to Udinus Communication Science Study Program and the students of Communication Science of 2014 as event organizer, and also supporters of the event such as Inakriya, TVKU, and CRadio.
"We appreciated Udinus for this activity, and we noted with the number of achievement was 280. Hopefully both awards and activities can inspire young people, not only just wasting, but also create new job like the 30 sources," said Paulus Pangka, S.H. as the Director of Leprid. (* PR)
AWARDS: the students of Udinus Communication Science Study Program of 2014 took a picture together after getting the awards from Leprid for the record-breaking inspiring talk show creativepreneurship at Ciputra Mall on Tuesday, April 18th 2017. Picture: Nining Sekar.

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