Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) always puts the good service to welcome new students. Udinus promotional team attended the exhibition in several cities and districts in Central Java to introduce Udinus to the wider community. The One of the cities visited by the team is Jepara, the carve town.
Located in the Walisongo Jepara school complex, Udinus joined the organizers of the Walisongo Foundation exhibition on Sunday, May 21st 2017. The visitors were very enthusiastic. The participants who are high school and vocational high school students crowded the college stands one of them is Udinus.
The one of tips to introduce the campus is participate in the Higher Education Exhibition. The advantage of this exhibition is increasing number of students that apply to Udinus.
Within one month, the team attended 4 exhibitions that spread inside and outside Semarang. "There are certain months that the scale of the exhibition increases like from September to November. We can participate in exhibitions up to 7 times a month, "said Lilis Khusniati S.S, M.Hum, an admission staff Udinus. The exhibition adjusted the learning season in school. The months that the students of XII class are actively learning and it still far from the National Examination (UN) utilized by school to hold exhibitions or receive visits from universities to introduce the campus. In January, students are preparing for the UN with Try Out and attending additional tutoring. "In December, many schools have not received visits from universities anymore because of they focus on the UN," added Lilis.
Udinus provides One Day Service facility for the prospective students who come from out of town. "With the" One Day Service "facility, registrants from outside the city only need to come once to complete the registration, the test and the announcement of the results," said Udinus Kabiro Admisi, Andi Hallang Lewa, S.S., M.M. (* PR)

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