To close a series of Gema Ramadhan events 2017, Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) Semarang held Halal Bi Halal (gathering to ask forgiveness) of Udinus Family. This gathering was held on the first day of work on Wednesday, June 5 2017 at Wisma Perdamaian Imam Bonjol Road Semarang. Yuni Shara accompanied by Bud and Friends entertained the guests in this event.
With the theme of "Building the social in the frame of ukhuwah and diversity tolerance" Halal Bi Halal filled with tausiah from KH. Yahya Al Mutamakin or familiarly called Ustad Yahya. A series of events have been held during the month of Ramadan, such as special ngabuburit on air TVKU, Isya and tarawih congregation, sharing 2000 packet of takjil every day, Nuzulul Qur'an, giving compensation for orphanage and social service. "Alhamdulillah we have tremendous support from the campus in holding the Gema Ramadan 1438 Hijriah," said Amiq Fahmi S. Kom., M.Kom, the chairman of Gema Ramadhan.
"Sugeng siang sedaya (Greeting in Javanese Languauge). It’s nice to be invited to Udinus again, " said Yuni. The typical voice of the singer that has original name Wahyu Setyaning Budi was echoed inside the hall of Wisma Perdamaian. The opening song "Juwita" continued "Cintaku" belongs to veteran singer, Chrisye, sung by Yuni perfectly. Approximately 10 old songs have sung by Yuni with different rhythms. This Malang-born lady invited Udinus' family to interact through song that she brought. Up on the song "Di Dadaku Ada Kamu", Krisdayanti's sister went down the stage and invited one of Udinus’ staff, Surya Tarmiandi, to sing with her. Surya and Yuni sang the Campursari song. Before the last two songs, Yuni took the Chairman of the Dian Nuswantoro Foundation, Tri Rustanti, to sing her favorite song "Tuhan Jagakan Dia". "Its incredible Mrs. Edi, this song is presented by Mrs. Edi for her beloved husband who has always been support all the time" said Yuni praised the wife of Udinus’ Rector.
In closing, Yuni invited the audience to dance with old song "50 Tahun Lagi". Approximately 700 guests were officials and all Udinus’ employees. (* PR)

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