About Dinus

Dian Nuswantoro University is well known as Udinus, located in Semarang city, Central Java, Indonesia. As one of universities that based on information technology, Dian Nuswantoro University becomes the three top most favorite private universities in Indonesia after Trisakti and Gunadharma University (Tempo newspaper data and analysis centre survey, 2013)

As one of efforts in making better role of Indonesian higher education in global competition to strengthen nation’s competitiveness; therefore, in 2001 based on SK Mendiknas RI No. 169/D/O/2001 on 30 August 2001, Dian Nuswantoro institute established Dian Nuswantoro University (UDINUS) as a merger of Dian Nuswantoro Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (STMIK) or Institute of Computer Management, SekolahTinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) or Institute of Economics, Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing (STBA) or Institute of Foreign Languages and Sekolah Tinggi Kesehatan (STKES) or Institute of Health into a university.

The commitment of UDINUS management, especially the chiefs are highly motivated in raising the education quality in UDINUS in which based upon the education system change in Indonesia. Prescribed by the regulation of the act number 20 in 2003 of National Education System, change of 2003-2010 Higher Education Long Term Strategy (HELTS) , the acknowledgement of RUU BHP (Badan Hukum Pendidikan) or act draft of Education Legal Entity is aimed to be the trigger in upgrading the education quality in UDINUS. As the result, Basic Budgeting (STATUTA) vision, mission, goal, and target in 2006 to 2010 also changed, that is adjusted along the government policy and global changes. The changes occurred in UDINUS have been done in order to create high quality education management thus the alumni become good qualified people, able to compete in local, regional, or even global market.

Fully committed to guarantee education in UDINUS grows well and high in quality, Rector of Dian Nuswantoro University issued Surat Keputusan No. 204Kep/UDN-01/VI/2006 concerning the nomination of Badan Penjaminan Mutu (BPM) Team or Dian Nuswantoro Quality Control Team. In controlling quality in UDINUS, BPM team is supervised by SPM ITB (Institute of Bandung Technology Control Unit). The SPM ITB supervision in controlling the education quality of UDINUS is a part of (MoU) Mutual of Understanding between UDINUS and ITB which was signed by Rector of UDINUS and ITB in March 2006. In addition, it is further empowered by agreement of cooperation between the UDINUS vice of rector of Academic division and ITB rector vice of Research and Partnership in conducting Twinning Program, in which the participation of UDINUS in ITB Quality Assurance program is included in it.

The commitment in upgrading the quality of education has become the liability of UDINUS due to one of the missions of UDINUS to conduct high quality of higher education. Some aspects directly relate to provide good quality of education and services have been and being improved, from increasing capacity and quality of laboratories, library, and higher education of master and doctoral, information system, etc. Besides, to enable providing comfort for students in studying, UDINUS also has Polyclinic UPT (general and teeth) that serves students, lecturers, and employees for medical examination and treatment. Meanwhile, to be able to facilitate the creativity of students in broadcasting and multimedia, UDINUS has Campus Television UPT which is named TV-KU (UDINUS Campus Television) that has official license from Central Java Government. On behalf of ‘growing and developing science and technology’ mission, TVKU broadcasting material is focusing on news, education, and politic.