Our Vision:

The top priority university to be chosen in education and entrepreneurship.

Our mission:

  1. Conducting high quality university
  2. Growing and developing creativity and innovation of civitas academica that well contributes to society, government, and business sector.

About Our Logo

The symbol of UDINUS is a combination of letter D and N, which was abbreviated of Dian Nuswantoro. Letter N is symbolized curved down which means Udinus will always pray to God. The Golden yellow of circle in the middle has the meaning of harmony, strong will, and life dynamics. It means that by the harmony and strong will from civitas academica, Dian Nuswantoro University will always be ready to move forward to support government in educating the nation.

Motto :

for a better future

Sesanti (Slogan)

Dumununging Ingsun Angrakso Nagoro Nuswantoro