Faculty Of Computer Science

Being the primary choice in informatics study with entrepreneurship skill as a privilege is a mission that would be accomplished by the faculty. It could be done since the faculty has what are needed for the mission. Complete infrastructure, qualified lecturer and excellent programs. Since then, faculty of computer science is a pledge to Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang.

Computer Science and Informatics is a realization of society service from Dian Nuswantoro Organization in giving real contribution to the government by preparing professional people and ready in Computer science and informatics technology, especially in Computer Science/ Informatics Field in the effort of increasing Indonesia’s human resource quality in order to be able to compete in this globalization era. Globalization has influenced every aspect of life and also the development of rapid economy, including the relation between the technology sector and Computer Science, also information technology which needs effective and efficient technology.

The alumni of the Computer Science Faculty of Dian Nuswantoro University are those who already have knowledge and high skills, and able to use them and utilize the advanced knowledge and skills as the basic competence to create the development purposes for a better Indonesia.

This commitment is an active role of private organization in education sector in its aim to increase quality and competitiveness from the Indonesian people resources to face this global era with the value and special feature as determinant for each economy agent generally and Computer and Science sector particularly.

Currently, this largest faculty in UDINUS is in the process of running several excellent programs, including twinning programs, sit-in programs, credit transfer, vocational programs and fast track.

Executive Officers

  • Dean: Dr. Drs. Abdul Syukur, M.M
  • Vice Dean: Ayu Pertiwi, S.Kom, M.T


  • IT and multimedia room
  • Complete Laboratory
    • Computer lab
    • Network application lab
    • Application programming lab
    • System and Design lab
    • Multimedia lab
    • Internet lab
  • Digital library
  • Photo studio
  • Drawing & animation studio
  • Gallery
  • Free Hotspot

Excellent Program

  • Twinning program with ITB
  • Sit-in program and credit transfer with ITS
  • Vocational Program with VEDC Malang for Informatics Diploma
  • Student Mobility, Fast Track, Credit Transfer and Joint Research with several foreign universities


  • Master Degree

    • Informatics Engineering
  • Bachelor Degree

    • Informatics Engineering
    • Information System
    • Visual Communication Design
    • Communication Science
  • Diploma

    • Informatics Engineering
    • Information Management
    • Broadcasting