Faculty Of Humanities

To meet the public needs for qualified human resources in the globalization era, the Faculty of Humanities has conducted various programs to produce graduates who master in foreign languages, English and Japanese. Language is the key of the world, so that becomes the motivation for students of the Faculty of Humanities to learn seriously and think scientifically.

Faculty of Humanities is an institution which is committed to delivering education for the advancement of science and humanities. It is expected to always strive for excellent feedback from the stakeholders. Every now and then, the course materials have profoundly been made to adjust current qualifications in the job market. Besides that, newly graduates are designed to wait only for a little while to get their first job or to run their own business. Since the earth never stops evolving, The faculty never stops looking for more knowledge as well. It is believed that it is not wise to live on our own. To go further, we need to interact more. Based on this phenomenon, Faculty of Humanities got some top national universities as well as an overseas university to stand by. For the sake of various benefits, we then decided to implement the academic programs under the Understanding Memo. It is simply meant for upgrading the quality of our human resource, researches, and students where in the long run the faculty will manage to take part and compete more in the global world.

Executive Officers

  • Dean: Achmad Basari, S.S, M.Pd
  • Vice Dean: Achmad Saifudin, S.S, M.Si


  • IT & Multimedia based lecture room
  • Digital Language Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Self Access Center
  • Washitsu
  • Center for Foreign Language Training (CFLT)
  • Indonesian Language and Cultural Service
  • Guest/Native Speaker

Study Programs

  • Bachelor Degree
    • Japanese
    • English