Annual Events

Dinus Inside

A compulsory campus activity for new students of Dian Nuswantoro University, which aims to train the mental of Freshmen, whether they really deserve to be called as students who have strong mental, discipline and responsibility. In Dinus Inside, there is introduction of teaching and learning system in university life, university education, and various things that should be known by students in being able to follow teaching and learning activities in university life later.

Dinus Expo

An activity organized by the campus in order to introduce a wide range of student activity clubs (UKM), giving information about these activities, it is expected that students are motivated and interested in actively starting campus activities and joining campus organizations; on top of that, all UKM is useful in themselves as mental training, the extent to which they play active roles in the organizations/ campus activities, train them to be encouraged to engage in wider community. Dinus Expo does not only introduce UKM, but also a variety of the works and achievements of the students of various UKM.

Dinus Fest

An event that collaborates 3 concepts with leading universities in Central Java, even in Indonesia. Those are Dian Nuswantoro University that always puts CREATIVITY, TECHNOLOGY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP as the priority, which became the main focus.

With interesting concept and having fun, Dinus fest has a goal to introduce the community that Udinus potentials in those fields. By preparing exhibition stands, organizing workshops, conducting E-gamelanku competition and dance competition, Cosplay, Stand Up Comedy, and romance programs. The main event is launching local animation and digital comic, which is packaged in an integrated and attractive, then closed with door prizes and the announcement of the winner of the competition.