Campus Television

Education television has strategic value which is important to develop nation intellectuality, and also provide alternative solution to any problem happened in society, through broadcasting program of quality development and appropriate target. Semarang as capital city of Central Java is also the city of industry, trading, oceanography, culture tourism, and education, which cannot be separated from their needs. Therefore, based on the approval of the governor of Central Java Number 483/12A/2005 reformation the sum of approval dated February 8th 2005, based on law publish the license of the founding of education TV managed by Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang (UDINUS) by name “Televisi Kampus Universitas Dian Nuswantoro” or with popular abbreviation TVKU.

TVKU is managed by a law agency of Perseroan Terbatas (Limited Company) named “PT Televisi Kampus Universitas Dian Nuswantoro”. The programs which about to broadcast are made autonomously as well as by other party which is considered appropriate the quality value regulation. The broadcast management is done by professional human resource cooperate with parties which is competence in television broadcasting. The fund source used in program making and broadcast implementation is gained from autonomy fund and advertisers.

Commonly, every electronic devices used are appropriated with valid broadcast standard (FCC & CCIR). The studio location is at E building second floor UDINUS, Rd. Nakula I No. 5-11 Semarang, the transmitter location is at Bukit Sari, Gombel, Semarang.