Clubs and Activities


Student Activity Unit is the autonomous agency in coordination with the Student Executive Board which is the development media of creativity, knowledge, interests and talents of UDINUS students at university level.

Student Activity in Talent and Interest

Dian Nuswantoro University has 18 (Eighteen) Student Activity Units divided into 5 groups Sports, Special, Spiritual, Art and Reasoning.

  • Sport Basketball, Badminton, Football, Tae Kwondo, Karate

  • Special Scouts, Student Regiment, Aldakawanaseta Students’ Mountaineering Club, Volunteer Club Spiritual Matholi’ul Anwar Moslem’s Practice Board, Catholic Student Apostolate Family Services, Fellowship of Christian Students

  • Art Kaplink Theatre, Student Choir, Music

  • Reasoning Campus Press, Dian Nuswantoro Computer Club (DNCC) Research Club

Other Activities

Student Achievement Award

High-achiever students do not only got succeed on their academic field, but also found themselves involved to social activities such as joining student organization or student activity unit. They show the spirit of Pancasila (Indonesia National Ideology) on their daily performance and they should convince everybody in the university that it is a pride to have them. Student Achievement Award is an honour for selected student over their good GPA, mastery of English Language, Social Activity and Personality.

Student Essay Competition

Student Essay Competition is an annual event held nationally by the Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs.

Student Creativity Program

Student Creativity Program is one of the efforts taken by the Directorate of Research and Public Service and General Directorate of Higher Education in improving student’s quality. The students, will further become a member of society who has the academic/ or professional skills. They are expected to apply, develop and disseminate what they get from university to the society they are in.