Cooperation Program

To develop the quality of education at Dian Nuswantoro, we have collaborated with several private and public universities, domestic as well as overseas.

Education System Development

We are collaborating with Diponegoro University to increase the synergy in education, research, and social services. This cooperation includes education system development, the use of communication technology, and advanced study also Credit Transfer, which gives chance to Udinus students to take subject in several semesters at Diponegoro University.

Twining Program

Twining program with Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) gives opportunities to selected students to finish their degree at ITB after two years of study at Udinus, earning double degree from both universities.

Smart Education

The Smart Education program is carried out in collaboration with Universitas Indonesia (UI). The activities are, among others: E-Learning, which gives students access to UI's teleconference class; Credit Transfer, in which students can take one semester of study in UI. This program also includes Joint Research between both universities.

Sit-in Program

This collaborative program with Institut Sepuluh November (ITS) allows student to take one semester or more studying in ITS.