Development Plan

As a rapidly developed university, Udinus has a plan to continue the build some new facilities to support the teaching-learning activity and maintenance the comfort around. Open new department and increase the number of student are therefore means Udinus needs to add the means and facilities.

Circulation and Parking Lot Design

One of the problems which have to be solved immediately is less regulated of the vehicle circulation and pedestrian, and also design of parking lot which is still less maximum.

New Building

The new building which is now in progress is called Building H, located behind the Building at Imam Bonjol Rd. This six floor building planned to be used for teaching-learning activity and fully equipped with lecture room has modern architecture.

Building Facelift

The old buildings at the complex of Dian Nuswantoro University are in tropical architecture design, meanwhile, several new building already apply modern architecture and hi-tech style. The various of architecture styles in one area affects the absent of unity. Therefore, it is needed to facade changing with standardized, appropriated with the development period to create harmony among entire building in unity.