International Undergraduate Program

International Undergraduate Program (IUP) is an excellent and advanced program at Dian Nuswantoro University, which is held by Faculty of Computer Science. IUP class program is opened to Informatic Engineering (under graduate) and Informatics System (under graduate) school program.

Curriculum tailored to the decree of the Minister of National Education, APTIKOM and ACM Curricula Recomendation, make the curriculum in IUP can synergy with overseas universities such as UTeM Malaysia, CYCU Taiwan, SCUT China, Burapha University Thailand, and Tokyo University of Technology. The facility for IUP students is full with speed internet access so it makes easy for students to study and look for learning material. Then, for lecturers who teach in IUP are chosen from the best and graduated from abroad. IUP Program is also presenting added classes for Public Speaking, Discussion Class, and Tutorial Class to develop the potency of communication students. The students are involved in some Udinus corporate program with overseas university partner, such as student exchange program Student Mobility, Sandwich, Summer Camp and Fast Track Program.

Excellent Program

Udinus IUP has several excellent programs, they are;

  1. Chance to study abroad for student by corporate programs between Udinus and overseas university.
  2. Increase the involvement of the students in international cooperation.
  3. High-grade teaching-learning process and education facilities Academic ambience designed to support personal and skill development.

To achieve that mission, IUP Udinus runs two excellent programs, they are:

  1. Student Mobility

    Student Mobility is available for IUP students. It is activity that will give them chance to study for one or two semesters at corporate universities. After completing the student mobility program, the student going back to Udinus to continue their study. Subjects they had taken when they join the Student Mobility program will be transferred and included in the student transcripts here in Udinus.

  2. Fast Track

    Fast Track Program is a program in accelerated classes offered to IUP students with minimum GPA 3.5 and 450 on TOEFL score. Here, students have the opportunity to study abroad in the corporate universities. It takes 3 years study at Udinus and 2 years more abroad to get the master degree.