Laboratories, Library and Information System


Laboratory is a complementary factor in University level which has duty to manage laboratory for educational activity, lecturing, or training for students, lecturers or others who need laboratory facility. This laboratory management is specially addressed for laboratories which are used inter faculties or institutes. Beside University level laboratory, there are some laboratories that is managed by faculties, especially to support practice activity in the major of study. Laboratory facilities that are provided by Dian Nuswantoro University are:

  • Computer Laboratories

    • Web Application Laboratory
    • Programming Application Laboratory
    • System and Design Laboratory
    • Internet Laboratory
    • Multimedia Laboratory
  • Hardware Laboratories

    • Assembly Laboratory
    • Troubleshooting Laboratory
    • Networking Laboratory
  • Language Laboratory

    • English Laboratory
    • Japanese Laboratory
  • Engineering Laboratory

    • Analogue Laboratory
    • Digital Laboratory
    • Microprocessor and Interface Laboratory
    • Robotic Laboratory
  • Economics Laboratory

    • Accounting Laboratory
    • Tax Laboratory
    • Computer accounting Laboratory
  • Health Laboratory

    • Chemistry Laboratory
    • Medical Physics Laboratory
    • Water Laboratory
    • Biology Laboratory
    • Biochemisctry Laboratory
    • Dry anatomy Laboratory
    • Work safety Laboratory


This library occupies the entire second floor of building A, which is equipped with tables and chairs to read, catalogue drawers, bookcases, and information computer. In order to add and complete the collection, the library of dian nuswantoro university also connected with the university library network.

Library unit is currently developing a digital library, which is expected to improve the service facilities to the users. Variety of library materials will be packaged in a digital form that can be accessed via internet or on-line automation facilities in the library. Facility Improvements are also being pursued, concerning the provision of the latest collection, provision of computer hardware and software, reading room addition and others. Repair service system concerned with the improvement of on-line automation system.

Information System

Online information system that is equipped with workstations that can be accessed freely by the entire civitas academica has been long developed. All information relates to academics such as personal data of students, grades, class schedules, exam schedules, announcements and information from academic letters to students easily obtained for students who are entitled. The Information System can be accessed by students and other academic community, among others:

Udinus Student Academic Information System (SiAdin)

An information service for students to access online academic information through website/ internet. Services provided include information: Biography, Biodata Update, Semester Grades, Academic Transcript, Lecture Schedule, Exam Schedule, KRS, writing messages, Scholarship Information, Job Vacancy Information, Treasury Bills.

Udinus Mobile

An information system service for students to access academic information, online via mobile phone. Features of mobile service is not much different from the features of Internet-based online information system as well as SMS.

Integrated Information System

A information system service for students or academic society of Dian Nuswantoro University. This system can be accessed via computer terminals which are provided in campus in each building. In addition to access academic information, this integrated information system can also be used for short semester registration, free internet access.