Other Facilities


The character of Indonesian society who like culinary, makes the UDINUS cafeteria more motivated to serve various food with high flavor. We also provide more facilities, such as full music and free hotspot area. Thus, cafeteria becomes place to hangout for student as well as student organization in any activity.



Polyclinic is founded to give health service facility for student as well as office employee and family, also public surround campus area. Nowadays, Dian Nuswantoro Polyclinic provides general polyclinic facility service and dental. In this era of higher expense for health, thus the present of the polyclinic is expected to give benefit of cheap and qualified medical service to students and employees of Dian Nuswantoro. And for dental polyclinic, it provides facility of tooth pulling, supported by dentist and appropriate equipment. Every Dian Nuswantoro University student has the right to use polyclinic service which is allocated every work hour from Monday to Saturday, start from 8 am to 6 pm.


As prove implementation of Pancasila first number, as nation and state basic, which is “Divinity of The One”, therefore one of facilities provided by Dian Nuswantoro University is a mosque. Aside as a place to pray, mosque is also used to run other religious activity, such as recitation, ta’lim committee to used as Islamic organization which is located at campus area.

Student Activity Center

To support all of student organization activities and student activity unit, Udinus provided student activity center at one of its 2 floor building.