History Dinus

In 1986, a computer training institute IMKA was established and located in the city of Semarang. Because of its perseverance in opening and creating market opportunities as well as its resilience in the face of various obstacles, IMKA successfully developed and spread to several major cities in Java, Semarang, Surakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta. In addition, because of the caliber and the quality of education is good, in 1989, IMKA was appointed as Chairman of Subkonsorsium Computers, Supervisor and Examiner of Computer Education National Exam.

On 30 September 1993, IMKA also achieved accreditation from NCC (The National Computing Center) in London, where with this accreditation, IMKA has the authority to teach and publish the International Certificate. Computer experts from IMKA with a few scientists then set up Dian Nuswantoro Foundation contained in the Notary Act Siswadi Aswin, SH, No. 18 dated July 18, 1990. According to the Ministry of Education Decree No. 0686 / O / 1990 dated December 12, 1990 the foundation is allowed to administer Academy Foundation Information Management and Computer Dian Nuswantoro also known as AMIK Dian Nuswantoro. The first lecture was attended by 54 students, with beliefs that higher education should be developed towards a system of national interests, which prompted the Foundation to formulate a series of policies regarding the change of the shape of the Academy into a High School.

Later on, based on the Ministry of Education Decree No. 10 / D / O / 1994, dated March 3, 1994, Dian AMIK Nuswantoro officially turned into the College of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) Dian Nuswantoro. In 2001, Dian STMIK Nuswantoro occupied 20,000 m2 of space with a variety of magnificent buildings, advanced and facilitated computer labs, active students of more than 9,000 people, and had graduated 1,106 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Computer and 2,994 Computer Associate Experts. Without any achievements, perhaps it cannot all be achieved in such a short time. The development of educational programs continues to be conducted. On June 1, 1999, Department of Information Management (D3) and Informatics Engineering (D3) get Lumped Status by Education Minister Decree No. 273 / Dikti / Kep / 1999.

Furthermore, on 27 June 2000, based on the Ministry of Education Decree No. 210 / Dikti / Kep / 2000, the Department of Information Management (S1) and Informatics Engineering (S1) also received Lumped Status. Again, on August 10, 2000, by Decree No. 019 / BAN-PT / Ak-IV / VIII / 2000, both study programs Information Management (S1) and Informatics Engineering (S1) obtained Accredited Status. Complementing the existing study program, then opened a Computerized Accounting Study Program (D3) by the Decree of the Minister No. 66 / Dikti / Kep / 2000 dated on March 15, 2000.

Facing the globalization era where business competition is getting tougher, on February 22, 1999 by the Ministry of Education Decree No. 26 / D / O / 99, Dian Nuswantoro Foundation established the College of Economics (STIE) of Dian Nuswantoro, with Study Programs such as Management S1 and D3, S1 and D3 Accounting and Taxation D3. The number of students accepted in the first class of the academic year of 1999/2000 were as many as 187 people and in the year of 2000/2001 became 359 people. Recognizing the importance of the role of foreign languages ??in all activities of human life, on March 15, 2000 Dian Nuswantoro foundation established the College of Foreign Languages ??(STBA) of Dian Nuswantoro. Dian STBA Nuswantoro establishment was based on the minister decree No. No. 27 / D / O / 2000, with courses in English Literature (S1), English Language (D3), Japanese Language (D3), and Chinese Language(D3). With the opening of the Chinese Language Study Program, it meant that STBA Nuswantoro Dian is the third university in Indonesia that has a Chinese language study program, after the University of Indonesia (UI) and Dharma Persada University (Unsada) in Jakarta, which both opened before 1965. The number of students accepted on the first class of the academic year of 2000/2001 were as many as 466 people. Education experts from Dian Nuswantoro Foundation together with a group of doctors and health experts, founded the Nuswantoro Latitude Foundation. The foundation was later established as the College of Health (STKES) Latitude Nuswantoro, which is one of the pioneers of college of health in Indonesia.

The establishment of STKES Nuswantoro latitude was validated by the Minister of Issuance of Decree 103 / D / O / 2000 dated on July 7, 2000, with courses such as: Public Health (S1) and Hiperkes (D3). To improve the efficiency and performance of the management of the college, we started the academic year of 2001/2002 with four colleges under Dian Nuswantoro Foundation and Latitude Nuswantoro Foundation (STMIK-STBA STIE Dian Nuswantoro and STKES Latitude Nuswantoro)which were then merged into the University of Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education of Indonesia No. 169 / D / O / 2001 dated on August 30, 2001. Therefore, based on that decree, Dian Nuswantoro University now has 5 faculties, namely the Faculty of Computer Science (dh STMIK Dian Nuswantoro) Faculty of Economics (STIE Dian Nuswantoro dh) Faculty of Languages ??and Literature (dh STBA Dian Nuswantoro) Faculty of Public Health (dh STKES Latitude Nuswantoro) Faculty of Engineering. Dian Nuswantoro University (UDINUS) continue to strive to improve the caliber and quality, for predicate colleges to grow rapidly and by the end of July 5, 2002 UDINUS has added two (2) more study programs, Industrial Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering by Directorate General of Higher Education Decree No. 1336 / D / T / 2002, and the Graduate Program Master in Computer by decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education No. 1322 / D / T / 2002. And with the hope of support, blessing and cooperation of all parties, whether the government or the citizens, Dian University Nuswantoro continues to participate in the development of the nation in accordance with the vision of: Dumununging Ingsun Angrakso Nagoro

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