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The Faculty of Economics and Business, Dian Nuswantoro University is a faculty that provides education for student in economics. This faculty is designed to prepare students become a professional who have ability to face the challenges and to involve in the economic development. One of the challenges is the business sector that is growing increasingly dynamic.
The alumni of this faculty have a vast knowledge and good skills and that they were able to develop it to participate in the national development in Indonesia. Various agencies, both government and private enterprises, in regional or national level, recruit most of them.
The government and private economic institutions support this commitment because it will provide high quality and competitive human resources in the era of globalization.




  • IT & Multimedia based lecture
  • Laboratories (Accounting, Stock Exchange, Computer, Language, Management)
  • Certification (Myob, Assurance, CA, CPA)


  • To produce the graduates professionals academic that capable in accounting and management information technology and entrepreneurship
  • To improve the competitiveness of graduates in the business world
  • To accelerate the graduation of students so that they can graduate on time.
  • To a research and dedication according  the needs of society and the development of technology
  • To develop the capacity of teaching staff in the learning process as well as further studies
  • To develop cooperation with the business community, alumni and national institutions and international


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