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The Faculty of Economics and Business, is a faculty that provides education for students in the fields of Economics and Business. This faculty is designed to profoundly prepare students to become professionals who have the ability to catch up in intense dynamic industry and business challenge today and the near future.
The alumni of this faculty are forged to have broad minded, excellent personality, extensive knowledge and good skills to contribute in the various agencies, both government and private whether in national and international levels. Our faculty has developed intensive collaboration with various international universities as well as various industries and businesses to bridge the gap of skills between university and business sectors. Our Faculty of Economics and Business has three study programs namely 1. Management (Business) national accreditation is Unggul (Excellent), 2. Accounting, national accreditation is A (Excellent), 3. Master of Management Program national accreditation is A (Excellent) and 4. Ph. D program in Management, national accreditation is Good. In general, the national accreditation of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro is Unggul (Excellent) it is an outstanding achievement among 15 universities out of 4,600 universities throughout Indonesia.

Dean Faculty of Economics and Business 2020 – 2024
Prof. Vincent Didiek Wiet Aryanto, MBA. Ph.D




  • Economic and IT based lecture
  • Laboratories (Accounting, Stock Exchange, Computer, Language, Management)
  • Certification (Myob, Assurance, CA, CPA)


  • To produce the graduates professionals academic that capable in accounting and management information technology and entrepreneurship
  • To improve the competitiveness of graduates in the business world
  • To accelerate the graduation of students so that they can graduate on time.
  • To a research and dedication according  the needs of society and the development of technology
  • To develop the capacity of teaching staff in the learning process as well as further studies
  • To develop cooperation with the business community, alumni and national institutions and international


To be the first choice Faculty in information technology-based Economics and Business, entrepreneurial spirit and global perspective in 2026.


  • To become a barometer for prospective students (high school/vocational/MA graduates) who will study at Universitas Dian Nuswantoro Semarang, in the field of accounting and management.
  • To become a source of qualified workforce and entrepreneurs for the business world both in national and international levels. Therefore, it becomes a priority for agencies when recruiting workers. Indicator success is shown by achieving the quality target of 80% of graduates working less than 6 months.
  • To be Faculty that is qualified to be a partner for private and public institutions and insuring stakeholder’s satisfaction.
  • To instill entrepreneurial spirit among the students and give them both excellent personality as well as global perspectives.


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