Faculty Of Health Science

Nowadays, the ratio between human resources and the population is not balance. This unbalance situation is cause many problems; one of them is health problem. The health problem becomes a major problem in developing countries, including Indonesia.

University of Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) through the Faculty of Health Science, organizes a program as efforts to increase the human resources in the health sector. The vision of this faculty is to be the first choice in health education, supported with technology and entrepreneurial skill.

The curriculum is based on national curriculum / international curriculum, and it is developing according appropriate future needs. The learning process is conduct outside the classroom, such as field trip, internship, and comparative study in order to prepare students to work.

Not only the health science, the alumni of this faculty also have capabilities such as computer skill and foreign language skill that can support their profession as a health worker. With their capabilities, they can find any profession easily both in government agencies and private agencies.


Executive Officer



Became the faculty first choice in the field of Health Education and Information technology-based entrepreneurial


  • Becoming a high-quality education in the field of information technology-based Health
  • The implementation of competency-based curriculum that suits the user's needs and keep abreast of the times
  • Organizing a local curriculum that encourages students to master information technology and foster entrepreneurial spirit
  • Foster creativity and innovation of academicians that really useful for the community, government, and business


  • To produce the graduates that have a good quality in public health
  • To create the service system and program-oriented work on stakeholder and customer satisfaction
  • To create the academic atmosphere that dynamic and responsible
  • To create the educational management quality oriented
  • To generate appropriate research to the development of public health science, technology and useful to society
  • To implement a community service programs in the field of health
  • To establish a cooperation / partnership in the health sector, both by government and private institutions, at national and international level
  • The availability of sufficient opportunity and support to every member of the organization to develop themselves
  • The availability of adequate facilities to support the work of every member of the organization


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Our Student

“Thanks to all at Dian Nuswantoro University From making my visit so interesting and enjoyable. The people were wonderful and the hospitality was fantastic. The seminar was interesting and created a great learning opportunity for everyone involved, including myself. I look forward to long term relationship with people I met and hope that all of us can continue to do research and take the actions necessary to improve public health in Centra Java.”

Prof. John Parrish-Sprowl, PhD

(Co-Director of Global Health Communication Center (GHCC), Professor Communication Studies, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, USA)

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