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Faculty of Engineering Dian Nuswantoro University helps the government to establish well-educated and professional technical personnel. In the industrial sector and the business world, the needs of human resources are increasing. According to its mission, the Faculty of Engineering is opening a course with a competency-based curriculum includes facilities to fulfill the needs.

The curriculum also has purpose so that the alumni have specific skills that are very useful in supporting their profession as an engineer. The computer technology and control engineering industrial need these skills. Therefore, the job prospect of graduates of the Faculty of Engineering is dynamic and it is growing from year to year. 



Executive Officers



Became the faculty primary choice in the field of engineering technologies


  • Becoming a high-quality education in the field of engineering technology
  • Developing creativity and innovation of academicians in the field of engineering of the latest technologies that benefit society, government and the business world


  • To produce quality graduates in the field of engineering, technology and entrepreneurial
  • To create of the academic atmosphere that dynamic and responsible
  • To create a higher education management quality oriented and able to compete nationally
  • To produce research that is beneficial to the development of Science and Technology
  • To implement the community service programs that targeted as an implementation of Science and Technology
  • To establish of cooperation / partnership with industry and other stakeholders


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