Ramadan is a momentum of increasing the quality and quantity of worship for Muslims. The various studies and special events of Ramadan held in mosques before the time to break the fast. In Gema Ramadan 1438 H, University of Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) Semarang held some Islamic events in the campus with the theme "The Holy Month of Ramadan, the Moment of Self Revolution to be Better Person". One of them was the Ngabuburit (kill the time before breaking the fast) Special On-Air TVKU at the Baitul Ilmi Udinus Mosque.
The event was held in the Udinus’ Mosque and presented a speaker as well as priest from Egypt. On Wednesday, May 31 2017, Islamic Sheikh Mohammed from Menoufia Egypt gave tausiah (Islamic speech) to the students and the public at Baitul Ilmi mosque. In this event, the Udinus Muslim Activity Center (PAM) and TVKU cooperated with OneCare id held the ngabuburit, break the fast and Tarawih.
In the tausiah, Sheikh Mohammed explained the tips to be quality and beneficial human beings to each other. According to the situation that few countries are experiencing difficult times due to conflict, the participants of the event in lead to pray for them and set aside some fortune to ease the burden. Ustad Ansori translated the tausiah that conveyed with the Arabic language. Not only from Egypt, the priest from Palestine will also visit Udinus on June 5 2017 and the Vice Governor of Central Java on June 8 2017.
Ardytha Luthfiarta, M.Kom, the chairman of PAM Udinus conveyed that the Gema Ramadan activities mean to convey the syiar of Islam in the campus environment and strengthen ukhuwah and relationships among the academic community. The activities were including study before breaking the fast, special on-air TVKU Ngabuburit, Breaking the fast together, Tarawih, read the Al-Qur'an, Nuzulul Qur'an, Khataman Al Qur'an, Social Activity, Ikhtikaf and Subuh Pray and the top of event will closed with Halal bi halal on July 5 2017.
"Udinus always distributes Ta'jil (food and beverage for break the fast) of 2000 packs of rice in two mosques every day during the fasting month. Baitul Ilmi Mosque and Baitul Muttaqin Mosque,” added Ardytha. (* PR)

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