The increasing of human population and all their needs requires the role of University that has solutions. University is not only teach and develop science, technology and art (IPTEKS), but also play an active role in producing solutions to problems faced by human. At this stage, universities will encourage lecturers to produce scientific journals that can be published and useful for the lecturer itself as well as people. Furthermore, the journal will be realized in the form of products, which must have copyright so it will not claimed by others.

The encouragement of researchers in the University will be facilitated by the Ministry of Research, Technology and High Education (Ristekdikti) specifically by the Directorate of Intellectual Property Management (KI). From 10th  until 12nd of July, the Institute of Research and public Service (LPPM) Uinversitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) cooperated with Ristekdikti to conduct training "Utilization of Research Result and People Service which Potentially Patent" at Hotel Santika Premiere Semarang.

Thia event was opened by Dr. Pulung Nurtantio Andono, ST., M.Kom and attended by 90 participants, consisting of lecturers or researchers from different universities. "When a researcher can publish a national journal, especially international journal, it would make them proud. But giving it copyright is a must, to be useful for researchers, university, and wider community. Udinus also supports Ristekdikti which continuously inspire researchers to make copyright of their findings, "said Pulung in his speech.

In the selection, there were 6000-8000 discoveries that Ristekdikti received. "Only about 800 of the discoveries passed the selection, and 90 of them are from Central Java, and we invite them for the training," explained Drs. Endang Taryono as the Head of Valkuasi and Facilitation of KI Ristekdikti.

However, for copyright financing, only 290 of 800 inventions will be pay by Ristekdikti. "The rest will be pay by University and it needs supervision to make the role of universities for the national development maximum, "added Endang.

In this training, participants would know the utilization of intellectual property rights system (IPR) and patent system in research activities and development and also commercialization of KI. Besides that, this training also required participants to acknowledge more and practiced the writing method of patent specification documents. From Udinus, there were 6 lecturers who passed the selection and attended this training.

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COPYRIGHT: the increasing number of discoveries encourage Ristekdikti to provide patent registration training to lecturers or researchers. Vice Rector IV of Research and Cooperation Udinus opened the training yesterday 10th of July at Hotel Santika Premier Semarang. Picture by: Nining Sekar.

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