Lately, the problem of garbage in Indonesia has become a crucial issue. It has been done so many ways to manage the garbage itself to make it well organized. The government encourages recycling of garbage in order to solve this garbage problem. But new problems occur when the process of recycling produces some pollutant gas that is harmful for human health.

The lack of attention of the safety of industrial workers who use chemical materials, inspire five students of the Faculty of Engineering (FT) Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) to create an air filter named Filter Udara Teruji (Fuji).

The five students are Rizki Nur, Angga Indrias, Hawari, Adib Nur, and Zakiy Anwar. The students are in a team of Student Creativity Program (PKMT), lead by Rizki Nur as the team leader. "In the process of recycling garbage, the industrial workers make direct contact with the harmful gas. The owner's house and production room are usually in the same place. This causes them exposed directly by dangerous gases, "said Rizky.

Fuji can be used in small industries, including plaque business (resin process), gold and platinum plating business, electronic business (PCB dissolution), steel passivation industry, metal purification (gold, silver, platinum), metal craftsmen , (Bronze, copper), disinfectant companies, drug companies, pesticides, polyvinylchloride (PVC), household cleaning products, paper whitener, textiles. While in the laboratory, Fuji can be placed at the output of the acid room.

The core of Fuji is in the reactor, where a non-thermal plasma reactor is used. "It works by breaking harmful ions on toxic gases into small ions that are harmless to the environment," he explained.

This tool is made of a pair of electrodes, the negative electrode is in the form of a graphite bar and a positive electrode in the form of several sheets of stainless steel plate, which arranged the array to the side. The goal is to improve the reduction results. Positive filters are arranged like slot placement on a computer, to make it easier to switch from a positive electrode. The negative ion of the contaminated gas will stick to the positive electrode and cause the rust layer on the rust surface. By the time, the ability of the filter will decrease because the plate surface on the positive electrode is filled with negative ions.

"Fuji has been used in CV. Nusantara Recycling Center (NRC), and the result is good. We hope  that it can be used continuesly and it can influence to other small industries. We also hope that the government of Semarang city and companies with corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds can support the existence of Fuji to make the application of its downstream products can be directly felt by people, "said Rizky.

Meanwhile, Sari Ayu Wulandari, M.Eng as thementor of Fuji mentor explains that this fiter tool can also be used as a warning system. "By adding a warning system. If the air in the room is not the same as the National Air Quality Standard, then Fuji will give warning. So it will be easier for the user if you want to replace the stainless slots, "said Sari Ayu. (* PR)

FILTERING DANGEROUS GAS: Fuji is in use to filter dangerous gases during the process of recycling garbage. The findings of five students of The Faculty of Engineering Udinus can be used in small until large industries so that the air in the environment is not polluted by harmful gases. Picture by: FT Udinus doc.

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