Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) obtained a lot of achievements on July. Not only obtain A accreditation, but also obtain improvements on lecturers quality. There are 3 new doctors who just completed their dissertation and graduated. The two new Doctors are from the Faculty Informatics Engineering, and one Doctor is from the Faculty of Health and Medical. The two new Doctors from the Faculty Informatics Engineering are Fikri Budiman M.Kom and Khafiizh Hastuti M.Kom. They examined Indonesian cultural heritage on their dissertation.
Khafiizh who is in fact a sinden (Javanese traditional singer) of Egamelanku Udinus, conducted research on "Rule-Based Algorithmic Composition and Genetic Algorithm for Javanese Gamelan Music." her research aims to develop the model of automatic Gamelan music composition using algorithmic composition approach by rule-based method and genetic algorithm. Algorithmic composition is a technique of using algorithms to create music.
Khafiizh used two main components as her research model, the knowledge base which presented in the form of rules and inference engines. The knowledge base included formal knowledge that she used to define theories and rules related to gending, the construct knowledge used to control gending components, and the knowledge of melody feature to organize tone. Knowledge of melody features acquired by AFiS algorithm (Apriori based on Functions in Sequence), which is it is a developed algorithm in her research. This dissertation was the requirement to complete her doctoral studies in Computer Science Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta.  It was the first time in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science UGM conducted the test by using a set of gamelan instruments complete with 15 pengrawit (gamelan player).
Different from Khafiizh, Fikri examined the development of methods to determent the optimal value of kernel functional parameter, the Gaussianl Radial Basis Function (RBF) using Support Vector Machine (SVM) nonlinear multi class method. He used the method to maximize the detection and recognition class from four different kinds of Batik style, which are Ceplok, Kawung, Nitik and Parang style. "The results of this study can be used as a basis to build the knowledge base of Indonesian batik from all regions that produce Batik," said Fikri. The knowledge base can be applied on camera-based applications that can be used as an application to recognize the style of traditional batik. The Open Session of Doctoral Promotion of Fikri Budiman was held on Thursday, 13th of July) at Gunadarma University, Jakarta.
Meanwhile, on Monday, 19th of July, Eny Mahawati, S.KM, M.Kes, a lecturer from the Faculty of Health Udinus also graduated from Closed Session of Doctoral Program of Medical Science and Health of the Faculty of Medical UGM. The title of her dissertation was "The Development of estimation Model the of Effect of Pesticide Exposure on Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease on Farmers (Study in Gubug Sub-district, Tanggungharjo and Tegowanu Grobogan District, Central Java).
"The three qualified Doctoral teachers will complete the preparation of Udinus' in welcoming the new school year. This is all the commitment of Udinus in improving the quality of education "said Head of Public Relations Udinus Agus Triyono S. Sos, MSi. (* PR/Mey)
GAMELAN: By examined about gamelan, Khafiizh Hastuti (in orange dress) passed a closed session at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM. Picture: Doc. FMIPA UGM.

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