The Broadcasting Study Program of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) held the second Broadcasting Award at the broadcasting studio in the 5th floor of B building . Broadcasting Award is an event to give appreciations for broadcasting students 2015 generation. The theme of Broadcasting Awards for this year was “Creatorive (Creator and Creative)” which represent creativity and brilliant idea.
Broadcasting Award was held on Monday, 24th of July. This event was attended by the head of The Broadcasting Study Program, lecturers, and staff. As the head of The Broadcasting Study Program, Mr. Suhariyanto M.Kom had some wishes in his welcoming speech. He wish that all students could preserve themselves and the name of their University when they are entering industrial world, and also he wish that the student representative could make another events that could motivated students more.
Lots of trailers made by broadcasting students which nominated in some categories were played in the event. Here is the list of the winners in the Broadcasting Award: Yusi Pramadani as the best Program Director, Nur Rohim as the best Floor Director, Luthfi Arizka as the best Produser, Vickram Oscar as the best Editor, Nanda Gani as the best Switcher, M. Rizal Rifqi as the best Cameraman, Eka Asri Maulana as the best Audio, Jawara Bagus M as the best Lightingman, Abdul Rozak as the best Unit Manager, Agnes Ardhia as the best Wardrobe, Erlina Dwi Aryani as the best Decoration, and the best Lecturer’s assistant  win by Angga. There are also some hilarious categories in the nominations such as the most innocent student, the most emotional student, the most awkward student and etc.
Broadcasting awards was arranged by students of 2016 generation, they make the scoring for the winner in different aspects depend on the nominations. Alfenda Rizki Sevtiane as the chairman on this event wish that “I wish this event can be arranged annually so it could make the bond between generations stronger”.

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