Another breakthrough was conducted by Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus). In order to maintain the fame as the best IT University in Central Java with A accreditation, on Friday, 28th of July, Udinus and Police of Republic Indonesia (Polri) cooperated in the technological sector. Udinus granted the research results to be applied on apps to monitoring the performance of police.
The grant of the Performance Management System (SMK) Polri-Online was conducted by The Head of Dian Nuswantoro University Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Noersasongko M.Kom. to Human Resources Assistant of Police Headquarters, Inspector General Arief Sulistyanto. This event was held in the hall of U building, Udinus.
In his speech Prof. Edi said that Universities should conduct research that is useful for the people, for example like SMK Polri-Online. "In this study, lecturers involve students. Udinus has also cooperate with the government, such as the Government of Semarang City, PIP, and Polri. Moreover, four years in a row, Udinus became the place for Police Academy (akpol) to held the Test. This is proof that there is no doubt on the quality of Dian Nuswantoro University" said Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Noersasongko M.Kom
SMK Polri-Online have been through a test for 1.5 years. Starting from the Police who told Udinus about the desired system, then Udinus made prototype and observation of the existing assessment in the Police. "We are happy to grant the results of this research, and hope that the Police could be more professional and closer to the people," Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Noersasongko M.Kom added in his speech.
This system will help Polri conducting the assessment of the performance of its member. The monitoring of the assessment of the system can be seen by the assessed members and appraisal officials. The results of this assessment will be a reference career for Police memberss, both achievements and violations are recorded, suitable with the accuracy of data.
Arief Sulistyo explained that by the grant of SMK Polri-Online, the existing system will be improved. "Polri will always cooperate with Udinus as the creator of the program in the development of the program in the future. This is a breakthrough for the Police, in order to improve the service to people, and also realize Kapolri’s vision and mission in improving the management of human resources of Polri, "he said.
The trial of this program will begin on 15th of August, 2017. During the 3 months the program will be evaluated for its development and improvement if there is a shortage on it. The grant event of SMK Polri-Online was attended by a number of Udinus officials and Central Java Police including the chief of Central Java Police, Inspector General Pol Condro Kirono and Police Chief ex Polwiltabes
Udinus - POLRI: All Udinus Officials and Polri took pictures together after the grant of the Performance Management System (SMK) Polri-Online from Udinus to Polri, Yesterday, on Friday, 28th of July. Picture by: Nining Sekar.

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