Currently audio visual media promotion got a lot of interest. Almost all private until government agencies use video to promote and introduce themselves. The same thing was done by the Department of Tourism (Dinpar) of Semarang regency, Dinpar of Semarang Regency held a short movie competition to get creative videos from students with theme the Enchantment of Semarang District.

Souverien Rashaon along with his crew Jawara Bagus, Berliana Devi, Nur Rochim, Marsa, and Ventika sent his short movie to join this event. Souverien chose to make a short movie about Ngempon temple which located in Bergas district, a lot of people didn’t know about the existence of this temple. The Short movie called "40 Square Meters" made Soverien Rashaon, the student of Broadcasting Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) won as the runner up in that competition on August. He produced this short movie during Ramadan by using limited equipment. "We borrow some of the equipment, we are also use cellphone to record the informant.” He explained.

The reason he chose "40 meters square" as the tittle of his short movie was because at the beginning of the discovery of Ngempon Temple the measurement of the temple was only 40 square meters. He wants Ngempon temple visited by a lot of people just like another tourist site in Semarang, therefore he introduced this historical building by making the short movie. "In this semester we have a lot of free time, so we try to make this movie. Fortunately, there is this competition at the same time” he said.

Broadcasting students are required to be productive and creative to express their ideas into audio visual. Suhariyanto M.Kom Kaprodi as the head of the study program of Broadcasting said that the students had been taught about plans, theories, technique and implementations that can be very useful in the future. "The competition like this is a platform to measure student’s skill that they have been learn whole the time in the University.” he said. (* PR / Mey)

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