Nowadays the deaf is required to be independent and self-reliant. However, there are not much creative and innovative effort that has been done to train them to be independent. Because of that problem, lecturers of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) consisting of Dr. Muljono, S.Si., M.Kom., Dr. Pujiono, S.Si., M.Kom., And Dr. R. Arief Nugroho, SS, M.Hum, were trying to develop an app that can help the Deaf to learn to speak independently .
This application system was created due to advance technology devoted to disabilities, it can also be called assistivetechnology. This app was one of the breakthroughs developed by the government to ensure the equality and self-sufficiency of disabilities.
Udinus’ lecturers developed an application that was expected to help the deaf learn to speak through lips reading. This app that can show lips synthesis was claimed to be the only application that can read lips motion for Indonesian language. "We hope to be able to help the deaf to read the lips motion and train them how to speak through the lips motion, so in the future, the deaf can communicate independently," said Muljono.
To help spreading the benefits of this application, Udinus researchers collaborate with SLB-B Swadaya Semarang and SLB-B Widya Bhakti Semarang in a program called Community Partnership Program (PKM) "Communication self-learning training by using Indonesian Text to audiovisual speech application". This program is also one of the programs that supported by Kemenristekdikti.
For the improvement of the application, the lecturers’ team also asked for advice and opinions from teachers and students. "Later on, we are committed to continuously innovate to create assistive technology based applications to be able to help create independent and self-sufficient disabilities," added Muljono.
On Tuesday 29th until Wednesday 30th of August, The PKM was successfully held in both of the SLB-B. Dozens of teachers and students were participated in that event. Udinus's lecturers successfully explained how to use the application. The students in both of the SLB-B were happy and enthusiast about the application. The Headmaster of SLB-B Swadaya Semarang, Mrs. Etti Sumiyanah, S.Pd. and Headmaster of SLB-B Widya Bhakti Semarang, Mrs. Agustina Herawati, S.Pd., were so glad because of this application. "As a University that accredited A, we are very thankful that Udinus can continue to make applications that can help the deaf in learning independently," said Etti Sumiyanah. (* PR)


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