After last April Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) graduated hundreds of students, on Wednesday, 30th of July, Udinus graduated 713 students from Masters, Bachelor until Diploma from 17 Study Program at Grand Rama Convention Hall Patra Convention Hotel Semarang.

Udinus graduated 713 students, some of them were from Postgraduate Program, 25 Master of Computer, and 5 Master of Management. From The Faculty of Computer Science graduated 206 undergraduate from Department of Informatics, 56 undergraduate from Department of Information System, 70 undergraduate from Department of Visual Communication Design, 3 undergraduate from Department of Communication, 6 students from diploma of Information Management, 28 from diploma of Informatics engineering,  and 28 from diploma of broadcasting. The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB), Faculty of Public Health (FKM), and Faculty of Engineering (FT) graduated 67 undergraduate of Management, 66 undergraduate of Accounting, 7 undergraduate of English Literature, 2 undergraduate of Japanese Literature, 73 undergraduate of Public Health, 43 Medical Records and Health Information Diploma, 8 undergraduate of Electrical Engineering, and 20 undergraduate of Industrial Engineering.

From 713 graduates, 13 were chosen as the best graduates with honors. Some of them were Adhi Krisna Dermawan from Master of the study program of Informatics Engineering with 3.89 of GPA, Cintya Baswara Rukma from Broadcasting Diploma with 3, 74 GPA, and Amanda Sapriliani from the Department of Public Health with 3.9 GPA.

Since accredited A, Udinus is getting more ready to welcome new students of 2017/2018. There are 7 study programs that have been accredited A in Udinus.  The 7 study programs are the study program of Informatics Engineering, the study program of Visual Communication Design, the study program of Information System, the study program of Accounting, the study program of English Literature, and the study program of Japanese Literature. Lately, in August 2017, the study program of Management is also achieved an A accreditation. (* PR)

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