Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) held Dinus Inside to welcome new students on Monday, 4th of September on the yard of G building at Imam Bonjol street No.207 Semarang. The opening of Dinus Inside was started with a ceremony featuring various potentials and achievements of the University itself that accredited A.

"In the academic year of 2017/2018 Udinus received 3,573 new students that will continue their study here. Thousands of new students are come from various provinces in Indonesia, it is a prove that Udinus is one of the universities that is interested by people in Indonesia, "said Udinus Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom.

In 2017, the number of new students in Udinus were increasing up to 35%, this was due to many improvements that has been done by this best IT campus in Central Java. The improvements were occurred in the physical and nonphysical conditions of Udinus. "Physically, it can be seen from the increasing number of new students who keep us growing in the facility sector. For non-physical improvement, it is proven by an A accreditation of Udinus. It is also followed by the improvement of cooperation of udinus with local and abroad Universities, “Edi Noersasongko added.

The opening of Dinus Inside 2017, was presented The Chairman of KADIN of Central Java as well as The President Director of Suara Merdeka Kukrit Suryo Wicaksono and Semarang Mayor Hendi Hendrar Prihadi as speakers in Public Lecture. Both speakers were invited to motivate new students in growing the spirit and entrepreneurial atmosphere during their study in Udinus. On the same occasion, Udinus gave 3.573 seeds of mangrove trees and sea pine to Mangunharjo sub-district symbolically for Udinus Care Conservation activities that will be conducted on 5th of September. In addition Udinus Peduli Lingkungan also gave 306 trash cans and 5 trash pedicabs to Pendrikan Kidul urban villagge symbolically.

With theme "Achieving Udinus's Intelligent, Characteristic and Integrity Students" Dinus Inside 2017 will be held until 6th of September. Besides Public Lecture on the first day,there will be planting seeds of mangrove tree and sea pine in Mangunharjo sub-district and also there will be Dinus Expo too in Udinus on the second day. On the third day, Dinus Inside will be closed by the performance of Sheila On 7 Band that will entertain new students of Udinus. (* PR / ning-mey)

WELCOMING NEW STUDENTS: Udinus 'Rector attaches a hat cap to Udinus' new student representative in the opening of Dinus Inside 2017, on Monday, 4th of September on the yard of G building at Imam Bonjol street No.207 Semarang. Picture by: Nining Sekar.

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