Osaka International University (OIU) Japan inaugurated Liaison Officer (LO) Semarang office at 2nd floor of H Building Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus). The inauguration of OIU office was conducted by Vice Rector of OIU on Monday, 4th of September 2017.
This cooperation was established through international sector of Bureau of cooperation Udinus, which is International Affairs Office (KUI). OIU offers an information and training exchange program for Japanese language proficiency as well as cultural training. OIU representative office will communicate and coordinate the activities with Udinus to generate new outcomes or programs. LO will connect Udinus with OIU in the cooperation contract agreement. "Every year Udinus could send two students to OIU or otherwise OIU could send 2 until 5 students to study at Udinus," said Shojii Ito Vice Rector of OIU.
The exchange student from Japan will give  presentations of Indonesian-Japanese culture with Udinus students to some schools in Semarang like SMA 5 and SMA Nasima Semarang. In addition, yesterday on 4th of September, Shojii Ito also gave speech in front of 3.573 new students of Udinus in the opening of Dinus Inside 2017. Dinus Inside is a welcoming event and also an orientation for new students of Udinus.
OIU has 10 representatives of Liaison Officer in Indonesia and Udinus is considered as the most intensive and active. OIU chose Udinus because it has a study program that has the opportunity to send their students to Osaka. Udinus is also located in the city center of Central Java. It is very strategic to explore wider information exchange. Not only in Udinus, OIU representative office will socialize Japanese culture in various schools and educational institutions. "Udinus has provides a lot of opportunity to the students, so use it as much as possible," said Dr. Pulung Nurtantio Andono, ST, M. Kom as the fourth Vice Rector of Research and Cooperation. (* PR / mey)
Inauguration: the fourth Vice Rector (left) with Udinus Rector (center) accompanying Shojii Ito, OIU Vice Rector (right) who inaugurate OIU representative office in Udinus. Picture by: Nining Sekar

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