On Tuesday, 5th of September Udinus’ rector opened Dinus Expo "Be Amazing and be yourself" at the yard of Baitul Muttaqin mosque. There were 34 business booths, 5 faculty booths, 31 booths of Student Activity Unit (UKM) and Student Organization (Ormawa) at the yard of D building and parking lot of Udinus. Dozens of booths were visited by thousands of Dinusians (designation for Udinus students) who had to collect stamps from each booth.

"UKM and Ormawa booth aims to introduce the new students to the organizations or UKM that can be followed to improve their soft skills. While the business booths along the yard of D building aims to improve students entrepreneurial instinct, "said Wikan Isthika SE, M.Ec., Ak. as the chairman of Dinus Expo. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ir Edi Noersasongko M. Kom said that in 3 days of orientation, it was expected that the new students could have a comprehensive picture of Udinus

Dinus Expo booths of UKM and Ormawa were assessed by the Chairman of Dian Nuswantoro Foundation Tri Rustanti SE, MM, and the Secretary of the Dian Nuswantoro Foundation Lakshiputri Arnindita, S.Sos. MM. The Assessment criteria were based on 3 main aspects which was neatness, cleanliness and decorative creativity. Each UKM and Ormawa decorated their booths as attractive as possible by still showing the identity of their own UKM.

The UKM of Student Regiment (Menwa), for example, they decorated their booth with a semi-military theme that exhibits complete weapons and combat equipment along with its attributes. The UKM Members who was on duty also use regimental uniforms complete with long-barreled weapons.

Another interesting UKM was Aldakawanaseta. They make their visitors felt like they were on camping ground complete with camping equipment and a tent. While electronic gamelan (e-gamelan) showed their identity of nguri-nguri budhaya jawa with various batik and e-gamelan displays on IPad. (* PR / mey)

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