80 Broadcasting students of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) from various generations got a seminar material on "Communication Strategy in the middle of Hoax news" on Thursday 14th of September 2017 in the meeting room, first floor of H building Udinus. The seminar was organized by Udinus Public Relations in cooperation with PT Smartfren Telecom, Tbk.
Seno Pramuadji, the Head of Community Development & CSR PT Smartfren Telecom, Tbk became the speaker in the seminar. He explained that Indonesian people are very easily affected by the hoax news. It is because Indonesian people are emotional and easily triggered by sentimental issue in the news content. This could be used by some people to the benefit of themselves in a bad way. There are a lot of hate speech industries nowadays in purpose to the benefit of some political interest, sales product, or even to divide a particular group.
"By click share unconsciously in social media, could give harm to other," said Seno. There is a special feature to know whether the news that we read is a hoax or not. One simple way is to check the accounts that share the news. "Usually one hate speech account has the same pattern in every post. The photos that they use are usually old photos with low resolution, "added Seno. There are some ways to check the truth of a news, one of them is by using Turnbackhoax application that provides hoax news database that has been reported.  Actively spread Positive content could resist the development of hate speech industry as well. As a young generation we have to be aware. Do not make the situation become worse by recklessly click share, “said Seno
Agus Triyono S. Sos., Msi as the Head of Public Relations Udinus said that the material was chosen to educate students to be wise to share news content in social media. "I hope that this kind of event could be held continuously with other interesting themes" he said. (* PR / mey)
RESIST HOAX: Seno Pramuadji, the Head of Community Development & CSR PT Smartfren (on the right side) gave a souvenir to the Head of Public Relations Udinus Agus Triyono, M.Si (on the left side) after the seminar about hoax on the first floor of H building. Picture by: Meyta Adelianah.

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