Student Activity Unit (UKM) Aldakawanaseta held a massive ascent at Mount Merbabu last September. That activity was one of the series of activities to celebrate the anniversary of this Students Activity Unit on 12th of September. 
The massive ascent was held at the end of September, with 42 people in total which consist of participants and guests. The participants climbed Mount Merbabu through Wekas. On that event, Aldakawanaseta planted acacia seeds at the 2nd post and also clean the mountain. The participants were enthusiastic in following the whole activity during the climb. "Dozens of participants brought down garbage bags which contain plastic waste that collected along the way down from the summit," said Irine Aghna as the chairman of Aldakawanaseta.
Aldakawanaseta is the oldest Student Activity Unit in Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) Semarang.  Aldakawanaseta existed since Udinus was still Academy of Informatics and Computer Management (AMIK), and that make Aldakawanaseta quite well known among the other Student Activity Unit of nature lovers. The celebration of the anniversary was held in E building of Dian Nuswantoro University recently, and attended by more than 300 invited guests from various nature lovers students (mapala) coming from various regions. "As a Fellow student of nature lovers (Mapala) we are friendly to each other and we will attend each other event" added Irine.
In addition to mass ascent of Merbabu Mountain, this Student Activity Unit of nature lovers was also held a blood donor action collaborate with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Semarang City in C building, Udinus, on 11th of September . The blood donor action managed to collect 25 bags of blood. The celebration of the anniversary was held in E building on 20th of September to attract new students to join this Student Activity Unit. (* PR / Mey)

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