Before students leave their alma mater, they should have been motivated to spread their wings after they graduate. Not only to develop the career in the country, but also abroad, so it would be in line with the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) program.
On Friday, 6th of October, The Faculty of Humanity (FIB) Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) held an overseas internship socialization for students in 7th semester. This socialization was in cooperation with Japan Indonesia Academic Program (JIPA) which held on the 3rd floor of G building Udinus. "The cooperation have been established for a long time between Udinus and JIPA. In 2016, there were 3 Japanese Literature students that we sent to Japan for the internship in some companies, and this year we will send 5 students from the same study program, "said Tri Mulyani Wahyuningsih, SS, M. Hum as The Chairman of the study program of Japanese Literature, FIB Udinus.
JIPA have been provide a lot of facilities for the internship program in hospitality sectors such as housekeeping, cook helper, bell boy, and also receptionist. At the same time, there was an interview through Skype application held by 5 students who will go to Japan for the internship. "The long-distance interview with Japanese companies is done through skype after they passes the local interview stage with JIPA. If they could pass the interview stage with the company, after the eligibility process from Japan is fulfilled, then they will soon be dispatched to Japan," added Tri Mulyani.
In addition of the 7th semester students of Japanese Literature who were following the socialization, the student of Hotel Management (Manahot) FIB Udinus were also enthusiastically received the information given by JIPA. Currently Manahot students are in the 5th semester, where they have to join an internships at domestic hotels. R. Arief Nugroho, SS., M.Hum, The Head of The Study Program of Hotel Management said that in the 7th semester later, the new students will be directed to have an internship abroad. "This socialization will be very useful for those who will take an internships abroad in the 7th semester. So there are still 2 semesters to deepen their ability of Japanese language," he said. (* PR / ning)
INTERNSHIP: Some Japanese Literature students, FIB Udinus are doing long-distance interviews using Skype Application with the company that will give them the internship for 6 months. Picture by: Nining Sekar.

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