"Congratulations, good luck, and hopefully win," said Prof. Dr. Ir. Edi Noersasongko, MKom, The Rector of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) bid farewell to 13 students who will departure to compete in the National Student Sports Week (Pomnas) XV in Makassar, South Sulawesi, today, on Thursday, 12 of October, at Udinus Rectorate.
The 13 students are consist of 9 female and 1 male athletes from basketball, 1 male swimmer athlete, 1 basketball coach, and 1 basketball manager. They are also accompanied by Vice Rector III for Student Affairs Dr Kusni Ingsih and The Head of Student Affairs Bureau Rindra Yusianto, SKom, MT. Dozens of athletes are asking for blessing from Udinus Rector. "The burden you carry is heavy enough, so besides trying to give the best, you have to keep praying as well. The support that Udinus gave to you will give benefit to you yourself, to Udinus itself, and also to Central Java, "added Edi when shaking hands with the athletes who will departure to the Pomnas. 
The 9 female and 1 male basketball athletes were from Udinussquad who won the Provincial Student Sports Week recently. Later the other basketball team will be supported by athletes from various universities in Central Java. In the other side for the swimmer athletes will be represented by Jati Andrean Agassi, Udinus first semester student from Communication study program of the faculty of Computer Science (FIK) Udinus.
"Although the achievements of Udinus athletes are very good, we also continue to encourage them to excel academically. The minimum 3.0 GPA requirement must be fulfilled in order to get a free administration scholarship in Udinus, "said Dr. Kusni Ingusih as The Vice Rector III.
After the departure today, on Thursday, 12 of October, the athletes will compete on Sunday, 15th of October and complete the stage of the competition till the end (*PR/ning)

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