The influence of culture in a country can be one of the main attraction to study. It is proven by the increasing demand for Japan and South Korea as a destination for continuing education to a higher level. 
To respond student’s interests, Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) has established cooperation with several universities abroad, one of them is Japan. The student mobility program has been established previously in cooperation with Osaka International University (UIO) and Tokyo University of Technology (TUT).
Following the two universities, on Thursday 19th of October, Kibi International University visited Udinus by sending their representative, Vice Chancellor of Kibi International University Yuki Kake. The visitation was a feedback of Udinus’ visitation some time ago by Dr Pulung Nurtantio Andono, ST, M.Kom as the vice chancellor IV of research and cooperation.
"Our visitation here is to honor Udinus as a partner in strengthening education in both sides. There are several kinds of cooperation that we offer, "said Yuki Yake.
Kibi International University itself has 4 major faculties which are faculty of Social Sciences, Facultu of Health, Faculty of Psychology, and faculty of Cultural Animation. From 5000 students at Kibi International University, there are at least 40 Indonesian students who study there, and because of that Kibi International University wants to expand the cooperation which give mutual advantage to both parties.
From all of Udinus’ cooperations that have been established with several universities in Japan, Udinus Rector Dr Ir Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom admitted that the common problem is that many universities in Japan do not have international class. "There are plenty of cooperation offers, but only a few universities have international class. So the current cooperation with Japan is mostly used by the Faculty of Humanity, especially Japanese Literature, "added Edi. However, after the two countries meeting that took place in the Rectorate Room, more cooperation will be established. (* PR / ning)


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