"Entrepreneurship is a knowledge that must be introduced, experienced and inspired by the younger generation, because when the competitiveness in Indonesia is low, the entrepreneurial spirit will enhance our competitiveness with other countries, "said Drs. Didin Wahidin, M.Pd, Directorate General of Belmawa Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) Republic of Indonesia on the 3rd floor of E building Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) last Saturday, on 18th of November.
The presence of Drs. Didin Wahidin, M.Pd, at Udinus was to give a public lecture and also to open the event of General Entrepreneurship Study for 61 Private Universities throughout Kopertis Region VI. The event was attended by 400 students from various universities in Central Java, and also, it was opened by Drs. Didin Wahidin M.Pd, Prof. Dr. Ir Edi Noersasongko M.Kom as The Rector of Udinus, and Sumarno as The Head of Student Affairs Division Kopertis Region VI.
Didin Wahidin said that the entrepreneurial spirit must be triggered, which later on, it can be used as a habit that can influence younger generation. "The competition in this world is getting tight, moreover, now we are facing MEA. There are Human and Natural Resources in Indonesia, but many of our people cannot process it. If we want to compete competitively, we must add more competent education, training, and build confidence, "Didin added.
This public lecture which was followed by Indonesian Entrepreneurship Students (KMI) was also given a socialization of KMI throughout Kopertis Region VI. In the event, the participants were also provided with a seminar which presented Prof. Edi Noersasongko, Prof. Ali Agus, and Surfa Yondri ST, SST, M.Kom as the speaker.
"As the times flies, the concept business is also transformed. This must be observed by the young generation. Currently entrepreneurship should be designed to grow quickly, made with different investment patterns, and also design exit strategy, "said Edi Noersasongko in his presentation in front of the seminar participants.
Besides seminar, some student’s entrepreneurial business such us Escho, Doscom, Afterbeach Seafood, Kanca Wooden, and many others which was guided by Enterprerenurship Center Udinus was exhibited. (* PR / ning)

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