The activities of Student Press Agency (LPM) in Semarang, create a lot of works. Not only in the form of papers, but also photography, videography, and posters. Seeing this opportunity, Student Activity Unit (UKM) Press Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) or "Warta Dinus" tried to do something about it.
On Monday 4th – Tuesday 5th of December, Warta Dinus held a Journalistic exhibition which exhibit the works made by 32 LPM in Semarang. "Journalistic exhibition entitled Anti-Drug Hero is deliberately held by Warta Dinus. In addition to the annual work program (proker), we also want to show the works of journalism from LPM in Semarang City, "said Alya Novinda, The Chairman of Exhibition.
15 of 32 invited LPMs participated in this event by submitting their works. There were 45 works in total which exhibited in DKV gallery in H building. The 45 works consist of 15 works of photography, 10 papers of poetry, short story and canopy, 5 videography, and 5 posters. The tagline of this event was "Fight The Destroyer of The Nation Generation", in purpose to persuade teenagers to fight against the invaders of the nation which wrapped in a new form, called drugs. "Udinus has been named Anti-Drug Campus, and also we just celebrated Heroes day recently, so we want drugs become the concern of the young generation, "added Alya.
In addition to displaying works, Udinus Journalistic Exhibition also provided a live report booth, where visitors could try their ability to be a journalist in front of the camera. Targeting hundreds of visitors during those 2 days, the works displayed in the exhibition have been passed a selection from Warta Dinus team consisting of photography division, senior Warta Dinus who is now has become a journalist in various mainstream media, and also from the coach of UKM Press Warta Dinus. "We hope that this journalistic exhibition can be an annual event for UKM Press Warta Dinus. So that their activities and works can be recorded and enjoyed by all parties including the observers of Campus Press World, "said Agus Triyono, MSi as Campus Press coach of Warta Dinus as well as Udinus’ Public Relations. (* PR / ning)

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