The 61st graduation was held on Wednesday 6th of December and became the grand event at the end of 2017. The event was took place at Grand Rama Convention Hall Patra Hotel Semarang. Udinus graduated Master, Bachelor and Diploma Three Degree. The 61st graduation completed the Tri Dharma of University, especially in the field of teaching and learning.
In this graduation Udinus successfully graduated 724 students from 17 Study Programs. The 724 students were consist of 91 Master students of Informatics Engineering Study Program, 23 Master students of Management Study Program, 198 students of Informatics Engineering Study Program, 67 students of Information System Study Program, 51 students of Visual Communication Design Study Program, and 7 students of Communication Science Study Program.
Followed by 62 Undergraduate degree students of Study Program, 43 undergraduate students of Accounting Study Program, 10 students of English Literature Study Program, 13 undergraduate degree students of Japanese Literature Study Program, 53 undergraduate students of Public Health Study Program, 15 undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering Study Program, and 17 Undergraduate students of Industrial Engineering Study Program.
While from the Diploma program consisted of 5 Diploma three students of Informatics Management Study Program, 9 Diploma three students of Informatics Engineering Study Program, 3 Diploma three students of Broadcasting Study Program, 75 Diploma three students of Medical Record and Health Information Study Program.
Here were the best graduates who got Cum laude on this 61th Graduation. They were Ahmad Ilham from the Department of Master of Informatics Engineering with 3.92 GPA; Jamjuri from the Masters of Management with 3.84 GPA; Syarifudin Akbar from the Department of Informatics with 3.59 GPA; Dita Ayu Paramitha from the Department of Information System with 3.58 GPA; Ratih Nor Kartika Sari from Visual Communication Design department with 3.8 GPA; Siti Hapsari from Management department with 3.55 GPA; Andi Nur Fadilla from the Department of English Literature with 3.56 GPA; Eka Bina Ambarwati from the Department of Japanese Literature with 3.54 GPA; and Ruth Anggita Amalia from the Department of  Industrial Engineering with 3.64 GPA.
On the same occasion, Udinus and Telkom signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement between the two agencies was related to the synergy of entrepreneurship and the digital telecommunication industry that was currently booming and it was required by all lines in industrial world. Joko Raharjo as The Executive Vice President of Telkom Regional IV represented Telkom party, witnessed by The Chairman of Dian Nuswantoro Foundation Tri Rustanti Noersasongko, SE and Kopertis Coordinator Region VI Prof. Dr. DYP Sugiharto, M.Pd. Cons. (* PR / ning)

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