Telkom Indonesia Inc. continued to provide guidance and assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises. One of them was '' start up business, an application from Udinus’ developer team which collaborated with Kaesang Pangarep.
On Wednesday, 6th of December 2017, at the same time with the 61st graduation of Udinus, Udinus has signed a memorandum of understanding with Telkom Indonesia Inc. at Grand Rama Convention Hall Patra Hotel. As the follow up of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) No. 369 / F.9 / UDN-01 / XII / 2017, on Friday 15th of December, Executive Vice President (EVP) Business Service Telkom Indonesia Inc.  Tri Gunadi visited Udinus. His visitation to Udinus was to discuss the synergy of entrepreneurship and the digital telecommunications industry in accordance with the MoU. "We are looking for what we can synergize with Udinus related to our program to promote micro small medium enterprises in Indonesia, luckily there is a legal umbrella in the MoU," said Tri Gunadi. Business Service Division of Telkom Indonesia Inc. had run some part of its work program such as kampung digital and smart business. About 400 more micro small medium enterprises enrolled in smart businesses had not utilized digital technology. Telkom assistance in this digital business era is in the form of go modern, go digital and go online starting from production system, recording, until how to expand market.
' is a breakthrough that can lift micro small medium enterprises in the field of culinary. '' aims to raise the prestige of homemade cooking so it can still compete with fast food and modern restaurants that are increasingly widespread. The concept of '' is to be a bridge between the user or the customer with the joined tenant. The results of the research from the developer team found the fact that the best food that is often missed by many people is the typical homemade cooking of their own mother. Therefore, the tenant who joined must be housewives who have kitchen, smart phone and willing to prepare a place to eat for the users because this application provides a feature to eat on the spot. So the user can really feel the atmosphere of eating at home. '' also provides some payment facilities like cash or 'mangpi' (madhang pay). "' can be an example for another micro small medium enterprises which assisted by Telkom Indonesia Inc. as micro small medium enterprises that utilize the digital technology," said Udinus Rector Prof. Dr. Ir Edi Noersasongko M.Kom.
"Every student from all majors must take entrepreneurship course," said Edi. According to the campus vision of becoming a prime choice university in the field of education and entrepreneurship, Udinus is committed to produce young entrepreneurs who can reduce the unemployment rate. (* PR / mey)

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