Peggy Melati Sukma Khadija a former actress shared her hijrah story at Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus). The women who was famous with her jargon 'pusiiiiiiiiing' is now completely retired from entertainment world and began to actively preach.
On Saturday 23rd of December 2017, Student Activity Unit (UKM) Islamic Practice Agency (BAI) Matholi'ul Anwar held a Seminar Kemuslimahan (Semusim) in the hall of E building on the 3rd floor. BAI is one of the religious Student Activity Unit in Udinus. In front of the 147 women participants, Peggy shared the beginning of her hijrah story. She got a lot of achievement in the acting field when she was one of the actress on the soap opera 'Gerhana’. Peggy, a woman who was born in Cirebon also had some brilliant business when she was starring in various soap operas and also movies on television, but she left all of that one by one for the peace and the closeness to The God. "We have to pick up the guidance of Allah, even though the cause of Hijrah can come from anywhere" she said in the seminar with theme "Miracle of hijrah". Currently she occupies herself in social activities and also writes books of Islamic nuances.
Peggy also called for fellow Muslims to remind each other. "We can start to preach from inviting the kindness of our friends, do not argue and denied each other to be strong" she added. Btary Intan Imesty, the chairman of the event, explained that the purpose of this spiritual organization is to invite Muslim women in Udinus to change to move worward to a better direction. Not only changed in terms of appearance, but also strengthen their Islam.
Putri Muslimah Indonesia 2017 Syifa Fatimah also attended this event. This 19-year-old girl shared her experience as a student at a Muslim School. (* PR / mey)

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