Still on the series of competitions for High school / vocational school students at Dinusfest 2018, The Faculty of Humanity (FIB) Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) held an English Competition by The Association of English Department Student (HMBI). There were three competitions held on the 3rd floor of G building which was Wall Magazine, Story Retelling, and Speech Contest.
The Speech Contest took a theme "The Roles of Juveniles Today", which contained the role of nowadays Juveniles. "The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to express their aspirations through English speech contest," said Angga, one of the committee of Speech Contest.
The contestant was given 7 minutes to speech, with 1 minute additional time. The contestant were required to wear school uniform and also shoes. More than 40 students from 22 schools in Semarang and around Semarang took part in the Speech Contest.
Still on the same theme, Wall Magazine competition also used "The Roles of Juveniles Today" as the theme, with sub themes of teenagers lifestyle, responsibilities of teenagers and teens and tech. The judgement was done only on 1 session and the announcement of the winner was announced on Thursday 25th of January.
Wall Magazine competition was a group category, where in a group consisted of 4 members. The materials used must be eco-friendly materials, with 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional formed. The contestants was given 120 minutes and also not using SARA, pornographic and other contents that are prohibited by law. After that they presented their work in front of the Judges in English.
Hanna Latifani, one of the committee of the Wall Magazine competition, said that this competition aimed to explore the creativity of the participants, and make them more sensitive to their environment. "Hopefully they can understand the role of nowadays juveniles in giving a positive impact to Dian Nuswantoro University in particular," added Hanna.
Meanwhile for the Story Retelling competition, HMBI chose fable and fairytale as the theme of the competition. Followed by 35 participants from High school / vocational school students in Central Java, they were judged by 3 judges, Sarif Syamsu Rizal SS MHum, Muhammad Rifqi SS, MPd., And Haryati Sulistyorini SS, M. Hum
"The rules of the competition is least 7 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the presentation without using the any text," said Elsa Fyrda, Story Retelling competition committee.
The participants looked very enthusiastic to follow the competition. They used costumes, makeup, music background, and property to support their performance in the competition. Story Retelling competition did not change significantly from last year, but with different themes, it creates a new atmosphere every year. (* PR / WartaDinus)

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