Badan Amalan Islam (BAI) Matholi'ul Anwar Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) participated in Dinusfest 2018 by organizing Rebana Competition for the first time. This competition stole all the audiences’ attention in the main stage of Dinusfest which located in front of E building at Nakula Street, Semarang.
This traditional music competition that originally from Middle East was held on Tuesday 24th of January since 08.00 am. The competition was followed by 17 groups from High School, Vocational School, and Madrasah Aliah in Central Java. Hundreds of participants came from Semarang, Demak, Jepara, Grobogan and Pemalang. Recently BAI Udinus just made a group of Rebana and this was the first time BAI contributed in Dinusfest hosting Rebana competition. "We formed a small committee for this event in the beginning and Alhamdulillah with God's permission we can host this competition" said Hayat Al Falah, the chairman of BAI Matholi'il Anwar Udinus. According to him, the competition was held to grow students’ enthusiast of Rebana.
In the competition, each group was consisted of 15 people and given 15 minutes to prepare and perform their performance. The assessments were based on the teamwork, the harmony of the rhythm, the vocals, and the costumes. Each team was judged by judges from Udinus, Nursalim, Muji Rohman AH, and Suhari M.Pd from the practitioners.
In the other side, Student Executive Board (BEM) of The Faculty of Engineering Udinus enliven Dinusfest on the 2nd day with batik competitions. 200 students registered for this traditional competition. "Our main objective is to held a competition with a cultural theme to preserve the culture in Indonesia" said Machfudz Afif Gani, the chairman of the event. The previous years, the BEM of The Faculty of Engineering Udinus also held gamelan, batik and dance competition. The theme for this year competition was unique, the theme was engineering. The participants from high school, vocational school, Madrasah Aliah in Central Java were required to make batik motif design related to the engineering, for example there were key images, pliers, screwdrivers and many others. BEM of The Faculty of Engineering Udinus invited batik community committee in Semarang to become the judge in the competition. It was expected that the young generation could improve and preserve the culture of Indonesia especially batik and gamelan, so Indonesian culture is not easily claimed by other countries. (* PR / WartaDinus)

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