Unheard for a long time, Music Student Activity Unit of Dian Nuswantoro University (Udinus) comes back with a brilliant achievement. Not long ago, they won as the 1st winner in an acoustic competition with rock genre in Semarang. The competition was held by one of one-stop service providers in East Semarang.
Dozens of bands from various universities participated in that competition with theme “SSP Indie Rockustic Festival Semarang”.DjavaSkript Band was chosen by Student Activity Unit of Music to represent Udinus. The band members are Devi on vocals, Jullyandre on bass, Prass on guitar melody, Briyan on guitar rhythm, Riko on keyboard, and Mario on drums. "This victory is for Udinus. We want to show the existence of Udinus’ Music Student Activity Unit outside the campus, so that there will be more people appreciated our works, "said Jullyandre proudly.
About 3 weeks practicing at Udinus’ Music Student Activity basecamp, DjavaScript Band performed 2 songs in the competition. Performed the obligatory song “Terbang” from Kotak, and the free song “My Sacrifice” from Creed, DjavaScript amazed the jury and crowned as the 1st winner. "The name DjavaScript comes from the band members’ hometown which is Java, and we always put Javanese instrument in every arrangement of songs that we performed," explained Jullyandre.
Udinus supports those who are brilliant at academic and nonacademic activity. The Head of Udinus’ Public Relation, Agus Triyono, Msi appreciated the achievements from Udinus Music Student Activity, "We support all students positive activities that can make Udinus proud." (* PR / ning)

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