Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) started the New Year by achieving something new. Through the Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) UDINUS had succeeded in increasing the number of research proposals and community service funded by the government.
This year, 53 research proposals from various schemes and 4 proposals of community service passed the selection and it will be funded by Research and Technology Directorate of Higher Education. The proposal consisted of 39 new researches and 14 advanced studies.
"The total granted fund is Rp. 3.15 billion, 40% increased than last year. As a university with Madhya Cluster classification, UDINUS continues to improve the quality and quantity of the research in order to become the Main Cluster, "explained The Director of LPPM UDINUS, Dr.Eng. Yuliman Purwanto, M.Eng.
In order to improve the quality, UDINUS is also prepare to perform the process of commercialization of lecturers and students research results, so that in the future, the researchers and the community can feel the benefit, especially the industrial world. To strengthen the bargaining value and to protect the research, every research at UDINUS has been registered in Hak Kekayaan Intelektual (HaKI) in the form of copyright and patent.
In 2017, 160 copyright and 4 patents were successfully obtained. Meanwhile in January 2018, the new HaKI proposal reached 16 copyrights and still in process at The Ministry of Justice and Human Right.
"As an institution that implements two of the three aspects of Tri Dharma of Higher Education namely research and community service, LPPM is a very strategic institution. Improving the performance of LPPM will give positive effect to improve the quality of the institution and also the value of accreditation at the university level and at study program level, "added Yuliman.
To fulfill the demands of higher quality research and patent potential LPPM UDINUS routinely conduct training and workshops on intellectual property rights and the writing of patent drafting. "Hopefully, in 2018, the acquisition of copyright and patents can increase 100%. Obviously, the target will be successful if it is supported by all UDINUS’ academic community, "explained Agus Triyono, Msi, as The Head of UDINUS’ Public Relation. (* PR / ning)
SOCIALIZATION: UDINUS’ lecturers are following the socialization of Lecturer’s Workload Report (BKD). This is done so that Tri Dharma of Higher Education can be run maximum.

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