The low enthusiasm of high school and vocational school to join scout competition in Semarang triggered communication forum (Forkom) of Racana to strengthen the barricade in order to mobilize the communication between Racana in each university. “That is the origin of Racana communication forum in Semarang which has been established since 2001, and now we are trying to embrace 16 kwarcab in Semarang,” Said Hidayatullah as the coach of Forkom in Semarang.
On Tuesday 27th of February 2018, Racana Scout of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Radinus) hosted dozens of racana from various universities in Semarang. The event was run smoothly, attended by 12 representatives of 16 Racana in the Kwarcab. “Forkom Racana in Semarang was formed in 2001, and the chairman of Forkom of each University is not the chairman of Racana. This is happened so that each chairman (both Racana and Forkom) can be more focused in working their tasks, "said the chairman of Racana UDINUS, Arini Apriyanti in the event.
Arini expressed her concern when she was being asked about the lack of participation of high school and vocational school students in joining scout competitions in Semarang. "Forkom is an efforts of Racanas in Semarang to re encourage the spirit of young scouts in Semarang. Radinus will hold an activity called Radinus Goes to School (RGTS) to make Racana brothers closer to the younger brothers of Penggalang in Semarang. It is also a chance for UDINUS to introduce and get close to them, "added Arini.
UDINUS’ Vice Rector III, Dr Kusni Ingsih In her welcoming speech at the opening of Forkom Racana meeting affirmed that besides established friendship, the duty of Forkom was also to add members from other universities. "In Semarang there are 84 universities, if there are only 16 Universities joined Forkom, it would be better if the other universities could join us, because there are many positive activities in scout that can build personality, soft skill, and also teach the members to defend the country, "said Kusni Ingsih. (* PR / ning)

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