Cooperated with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Semarang City, Student Activity Unit of Korps Suka Rela (KDR) UDINUS held blood donation on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018. The blood donation was held at two spots, 1st floor of H building and the parking lot of D building. Students and lecturers participated in this event to help to increase the blood stock in Semarang.
The chairman of Student Activity Unit of Korps Suka Rela, Rafika Faza Amalia said that the blood donation activity was an annual event which was held three times in a year. "We’ve been held this activity in September and December 2017, and the last is in March 2018. We want to help people who need blood transfusion like those who suffer from Thalassemia because they need blood transfusion whole their lives," She said.
Hoping that the blood donation activity was not only held on campus, Rafika also socialized it through social media. "We keep improving student’s awareness through blood donations, firstly, we planned to held blood donations in car free day but there were no available spots for us," She added.
Meanwhile, the administrator of Indonesian Red Cross of Semarang City, Arie Johan Wicaksono said that until now, the amount of blood stock in PMI Semarang is still enough. PMI provided 50 blood bags to collect blood donation from UDINUS. “Students’ enthusiasm towards blood donation is increasing nowadays,” he said. Arie also explained that there were many benefits from donating blood. According to him, routinely donating blood would help accelerating blood circulation and reduce the risk of heart attack. "Another benefit of donating blood is that the donor will have good quality of blood cells because during blood donation, the red blood cells will decrease, and then the spinal cord will soon produce new red blood cells to replace the lost cells. Besides that, donating blood will also makes people live long, "he added.
Arie said that donating blood was very safe and harmless for human’s body, but sometimes there were side effects such as dizziness, faint, and also pain in the injection area. "Serious side effects that require medical care are rare, and we hope that blood donation activities in UDINUS are routinely held, because this activities are indeed for humanity," he concluded. (* PR / Alex; Picture by: Nining Sekar)

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