"It is undeniable that insurance companies have a negative stigma. But since there is a direct supervision from Financial Service Authority (OJK), the negative stigma is fading. Insurance companies actually have a major impact for financial development in Indonesia, "said Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS), Prof. Vincent Didiek Wiet Aryanto MBA, Ph.D on Thursday, March 15th, 2018.
In order to change the negative stigma, Faculty of Economics and Business UDINUS in cooperation with Indonesian Insurance Management Experts Association (AAMAI) held a competence certification for its alumnus. The purpose is to make the graduates have a good management and marketing skills when they are working in the future. "For four years of cooperation, we have provided place for competence test (TUK) and we want to be a partner in providing competence certification for UDINUS graduates as well as for public. Nowadays, being a marketing insurance and manager must have a qualified certification, “Vincent said.
The lecturers will be targeted to have the certification first, so that later on, when they are teaching competence certification, they can teach based on the competence in the insurance company. "We want to facilitate education and corporate world because we see that there is a gap between them. AAMAI in facilitating the gap, has a very important contribution. While our contribution is providing graduates who are competent for the insurance world, "he explained.
UDINUS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as a sign of cooperation with Indonesian Insurance Management Experts Association on the first floor of C building.
Indonesian Insurance Management Experts Association (AAMAI) is the only organization for insurance management experts in Indonesia, both life insurance and general insurance that is sanctioned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia which stated in the Decree of the Minister of Finance R.I. number 425 / KMK.06 / 2003. AAMAI have the right to test and grant the title of Expert of Indonesian Insurance, both the life insurance and Loss insurance Sector.
Meanwhile, the Secretary of the AAMAI, Drs.H.M. Imam Basuki, Drs, M.Sc, FSAI, AAIJ said that there were some points in the MOU between UDINUS and AAMAI, the three of them were, UDINUS as the central place to conduct certification competency test in Central Java, conducted research cooperation with the association, and organize international seminar.
"A certification test at UDINUS will be held on March 19th, with participants from insurance practitioners in Semarang and Central Java. As for the international seminar will be held in November 2018. Insurance certification is important for insurance business actors, it makes them have good quality, "said Imam. (* PR/ Alex; Picture by: Nining Sekar)

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