Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (UDINUS) just held Aldakawanaseta Orienterring Competition (AOC) 2018. The event was held from Friday 16th until Sunday 18th of March 2018. 300 participants from various regions in Indonesia which divided into 150 teams competed to become the winner.
The winners were classified into 4 categories such as male overall champion, female overall champion, male student champion, and female student champion. The winners of male overall champion were Ainul Huda Al Haq and Robil Mahesta from Bramaharmadhika of Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta. The winners of female overall champion were Eliesya Putri Wulandari and Yuni Noor Hayati from Metala of Universitas Muhammadiyah, Surakarta. 
While for the winners of male and female student champion categories were from 1 senior high school Karanganyar. For the winners of male student category were Yoan Lokman Rizaldi and Moch Faizal Zacky. Yoan Lokman Rizaldi was very proud that all of his hard work had been paid off. He hoped that the event could be held annually to be a platform for nature lovers in Indonesia to practice. As for the female student category, the winners were Nofika Tri Kusumahapsari and Salsabila Hamada. The trophy for this two categories were special from The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Indonesia.
The Head of Youth Empowerment Center of Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Dwi Agus Susilo said that the organizations in university would shape the character of students. "Joining student organization in university is very important to improve the skill that will be very helpful in the career world. I believe that next year, there will be more participants joined this event, "he said.
In the other side, UDINUS’ Rector, Prof. Dr.Ir. Edi Noersasongko, M.Kom said that he kept encourage all Student Activity Unit in UDINUS to produce achievements that could make UDINUS proud. The success of the event held by Aldakawanaseta could be an encouragement to all Student Activity Unit in UDINUS. "We always give reward to Student Activity Unit who are able to get achievements from city until international level through scholarship. Through this event, we can get closer to The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Indonesia, and in July, UDINUS will host the Perbasi, "Edi added.
In addition, The Head of UDINUS’ Public Relations, Agus Triyono, S.Sos, M.Si added that UDINUS would always presented activities that could improve the skills of students or even people in general. “We will keep improving this activity and also we will keep coordinating with the ranks in the government to improve the quality of education in Indonesia to produce qualified students as The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Indonesia desire," Agus concluded. (* PR/Alex; Picture by: Alex Devanda)

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